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I specialize in working with children between the ages of 3 and 9 years using the approach of play therapy to heal through emotional hardship. Using play therapy, I have seen significant success in working with children struggling with disruptive classroom behaviors, anger/aggression, relationship conflict with parent/sibling/peer, frustration tolerance, trauma, phobia, anxiety, depression, selective-mutism and adjustment to divorce in the home, or loss of a loved one, among others.

I believe that children are like seeds – they have what it takes to grow and bloom. What they need are nurturing caregivers and a conducive environment to provide the necessary conditions for optimum growth. And yet, life happens and children struggle emotionally, socially or/and academically for valid reasons. Sometimes their resilience helps them heal quickly, and other times, they may benefit from some help. As a child therapist, I offer that help for them to heal. It is my goal for children to heal from distress, build resiliency and thrive amidst adversity; in other words, enjoy life to the fullest. 

There’s a saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ - this sums up my philosophy around therapeutic change in children. I have seen therapy to be most effective when caregivers are actively engaged in the change process. And at times, it may also be helpful to collaborate closely with other systems such as schools, medical and other therapy service providers. I willingly do so, with parental consent.


You may find examples of some success stories of my work with children here.


Adults - Parents/Caregivers

As part of my work with children, I offer parenting consultation to parents and guardians raising children. I have found this to be an important part of the process of healing for children. I am happy to work with a parent whether or not I work with the child/children in concern. 


Being a parent myself, I have much appreciation for the joys and trials of parenthood. Parenting is truly the most difficult job in the world and yet easily the most rewarding when we see our children thrive. It is very common and understandable to feel the need for support when parenting gets challenging. I approach parenting support work by offering a nonjudgmental and empathic listening ear to fully appreciate parents' strengths and struggles in raising their children. I honor and leverage these strengths to offer concrete suggestions for further strengthening the parenting relationship and family unit. I am a certified Hand-in-Hand Parenting Instructor and practice this model personally in my own life, and feel so grateful to be able to work with parents like you, through this lens. I am also trained in a filial play therapy model called 'Child-Parent Relationship Therapy' (CPRT), which is a 10 week curriculum that allows parents to rebuild their connection with their child through play. 

It is very gratifying for me to support parents in creating the changes they wish to see in their relationship with their children. A healthy, thriving family reflects healthy, thriving children.


Thank you for doing all that you do for your children, relentlessly.

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